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All that Glitters…In Cheshire

This time of the year is jam-packed full of events and nights out in the run up to Christmas, so it was the perfect time to arrange an event at the clinic to showcase the new Cryo Products on Sunday 29th November. My diary is filling up fast with charity events, including my own, and this week I was invited by Tanya Bardsley, from the Real Housewives of Cheshire, to her jewellery launch in Hale.


The jewellery line is based on a life coach concept, where each piece comes with a mentoring message from Tanya herself. The event was for selected guests, and primarily cast members from the show, who all arrived to show their support for Tanya.

We arrived at Hale Garden to the flashing lights of the paparazzi, and I recognised the pap from my Waterloo Rd days, in fact he did my first event newspaper interview for the Macclesfield Express! A champagne reception and canapes of crudités and dips were washed down throughout the evening, along with a masseuse, a hair stylist, and a make up artist adding a touch and glitter and glamour to the event.

The launch of Cheshire Housewife's jewellery Tanya Bardo at The Garden in Hale 24/11/2015 Byline Jon Baxter PICTURED..Zeri Annika.

The jewellery was beautifully situated in a glass case, showcasing the angel wings on gold and silver chains as friendship bracelets. The live singer serenaded us with covers of acoustic live lounge pop songs. The lovely Tanya was dressed in a vibrant red dress, the brand colour of her jewellery line, aptly named Tanya Bardo, and it was great catching up with Dawn Ward and Magali Gorre.

The evening was intimate, sophisticated and sociable, and the jewellery line was a credit to Tanya, which I am excited to also have attending my event on 29th November. One Cheshire event down…two more to go!!



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