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Baby Soft

When it comes to buying products for my boys, it can be tricky finding baby friendly products that are easily accessible. Both my boys suffer from eczema which I noticed on both of them at 4 months old. I use prescribed cream, Epaderm on their skin but other than this there are a few products on the market I have tried and tested that I would highly recommend:

Double Bubble

I tend not to use bubble bath as some chemicals can irritate and aggravate their skin. I use a capful of Oilatum Junior bath ointment  (£5.00) in their bath which turns opaque when mixed with water. Because water dehydrates your skin, this product locks moisture in their skin whilst they are bathing. We compensate with lots of colourful toys so bathtimes are always fun.



Cowshed have a great range of baby products called Baby Cow that is kind to babies skin. Babycow Frothy Hair & Body Wash (£8.50) has a delicate scent and foams up nicely when rubbed onto baby’s skin. Its made of essentials oils, meadow foam oil and certified organic ingredients.


Bamboo Bambinos

I came across eco-friendly muslin swaddle blankets Bamboo Bamboo (£29.99 pack of 3) on Instagram and had to try these. The organic cotton is super soft on baby’s skin and the breathable fabric regulates their body temperature at night when you swaddle them. Romeo is so cosy when wrapped up in his swaddle blanket and sleeps as sound as a lamb. They wash really well without becoming worn or bobbly and iron easily ready to be used time and time again.


Non bio baby

I wash all my family’s clothes in Fairy non bio to make sure that zero chemicals are exposed to our delicate skin. I always wash Rocco and Romeo’s clothes before they are first worn and I use lots of non bio fabric softener to make sure their clothes and towels are super soft.


Baby Scents

I know the thought of perfume for babies sounds strange, but I love Burberry Baby Touch (£22) which is an alcohol free scented fragrance that can be used on baby’s skin. I spritz the boys clothes with this before they put them on, not directly on their skin, just to give them a fresh, crisp, clean scent. If you could bottle the smell of a freshly bathed baby, this one is for you…and baby too!


I am always on the hunt for new organic baby products, its not only what we put inside our bodies but what we put on our bodies that can keep us happy, healthy and eco-friendly.

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