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Babywear For Boys

If anybody tells you that dressing up girls is easier than dressing boys, then I beg to differ. I’ve never seen so many amazing clothes by retailers for little boys and shopping for my boys has fast become my guilty pleasure.

When I first found out I was having a boy the first time around, I remember saying to my mum, I wouldn’t know where to begin in the clothing department. I’m a very girly girl and when I was a little girl I was always kitted out in Oilily dresses, tutu’s, bows and colourful prints. I’d always walked straight passed the boys section in shops, so when I was pregnant I didn’t know where to start.


Since having both my boys I have found a world of amazing fashion brands to dress my little prince’s in. I very often get sent free garments from up and coming fashion designers, which is great for experimenting with different looks and also supporting new brands. Romeo is taking up most of all our wardrobe space with all his newbies, as well as having some of Rocco’s designer pieces that he has outgrown over the past two years. With having two boys, whatever I buy for Rocco, Romeo will get a good wear out of too, and thats what you call investment pieces!


So many people ask me where I get my boys clothes from, so I wanted to share a few on my blog. I love dressing up my boys in brands such as Dolly Mix Boutique, H&M, Zara, Gap and Baby K By Myleene Klass. I have splurged on a few designer items from Cavalli, Gucci, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Moncler, I love mixing a bit of high street and designer!

Here are some of my favourite pieces from their collection;


ROMEO – hat, jumper, leggings all from Mothercare


ROCCO – jeans, jumper from H&M

shoes from Converse

jacket by Gucci


ROMEO – vest, leggings both from H&M


ROCCO – tee from Oh Arthur!

jacket, leggings, shades all from H&M


ROMEO – romper, cardigan from Mothercare

hat from Minx

changing bag by Gucci


ROCCO – vest, jeggings, cardigan all from Gap

boots by Ugg


ROMEO – drop crotch pant, jumper, bib all from Baby K

Everyone always tells me I must keep trying for a baby girl, but when you’re blessed with babies – boy or girl, and the privilege of being a mother, that’s all the matters…the dressing up is just the fun bit!

Here are my 5 top tips for keeping baby’s garments in tip top condition;

Button It

Some clothes have awkward zips and buttons in difficult places which can make it challenging to change baby’s nappy or get them in and out of. Always try garments on baby before removing any tags or labels, and keep your receipt in case it just doesn’t work for you and baby. Most retailers accept refunds or exchanges within 14 days of purchasing

Label Free

Once you know baby’s clothes fit (and have enough growing room!) cut out all plastic tags, and washing labels so they don’t rub on baby’s skin

Wash Then Go

I always wash all my new baby items in non biological washing liquid tablets, and plenty of conditioner to keep clothes soft on baby’s delicate skin and also make their clothes smell beautifully clean

Pooper Trooper

All mums will know how many times a day we sometimes have to change our little one’s when they are sick or soiled nappies can stain their clothes. Always pack extra vests and soak any soiled items in good old washing up liquid before throwing in the washing machine. The envelope design on the shoulders of vests and rompers are there so you can peel the vests off down their arms instead of having to bring the soiled vest over their head or face

Hang Out

Invest in baby hangers to hang your baby’s garments. It stops them from creasing, and makes it easier to pick out items when your in a mad rush. I go as far as to colour coordinate my boys items from neutrals to colours and underwear to outwear and accessories. Trust me, it saves so much more time when your running behind schedule.

Happy Mummy, Happy Baby!


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