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Cyro Chamber

Mozghan Taheri is one of Cheshire’s most renowned aesthetic clinics, situated on Alma Lane in the hub of Wilmslow. Her client list boasts Cheshire Housewives, affluent businessmen, athletes, sports stars and generally people looking for the next new treatment trend. The clinic showcases an array of skin tightening, body lifting, fat reducing, anti-aging and cellulite blasting treatments, such as Exilis, Lipofirm Regulate, Microdermabrasion and fruit acid peels which are available in bespoke packages to give each client tailored, optimum result. Their newest innovative treatment is Hollywood’s most sought after treatment, Cryotherapy.


After a consultation, I decided to give the Cryo Chamber a try! This procedure involves standing in a cubicle where liquid nitrogen is sprayed into the chamber and drops your body temperature to -126c in three minutes.

I know all of you are thinking, why would you want to go in a freezing cold chamber..standing up…naked!! The answer is, it gives you a natural boost of energy due to the vast levels of oxygen being pumped around your body to regulate your body temperature, this also speeds up your metabolic rate and can burn between 500-800 calories in one session, it also lifts, tightens and rejuvenates the skin all over your body. All sounds too good to be true?


Well after stripping down to my underwear and putting on a pair of furry insulated boots, to protect my feet from wind burn, I stood in the chamber which is about the size of a stand up sunbed, and waited for the three minute countdown. The first minute was bearable, but as soon as the second minute started to kick in, my hands and little chicken legs were literally cold to the bone. My pain threshold is very high, I think anyone who goes through childbirth and labour for 23 hours can stand for three minutes of sub-zero temperatures! After jumping up and down on the spot to try and stamp out the coldness, my session was completed, I was given a lovely fluffy warm dress gown and a cup of lemon detox tea to warm up.


I felt an instant change as soon as I came out, my heart was racing due to the oxygen being pumped round my body and I felt a rush of energy, a natural release of endorphins and I definitely struck up more of an appetite. These treatments should be booked in courses of six sessions to really feel the long term benefits of skin tightening and rejevenation, but you will instantly feel brighter and fresher.

Would I do it again…? Yes. Would I recommend it…? Absolutely. Brrrrrrrr!



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