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Health is Wealth – Keep Corona Aware During Pregnancy

The past few weeks has been a corona media frenzy of information, theories and new laws spreading through our media channels on a daily basis. Being an at-home working mum I’ve been aware of the corona virus and the impact it has had on the globe. I am not going to pretend I know everything about this, in fact the truth is I have tried to avoid watching the daily news, reading newspapers and scrolling through certain social media platforms to keep my anxiety levels at bay.

However, I am 16 weeks pregnant and have two young boys in school and nursery so I have a duty of care to foresee to make sure me and my family are safe and listen to the higher professionals. I haven’t been able to purchase hand sanitizer as its sold out everywhere! But I managed to get my hands on antibacterial wipes from Amazon which I keep at home and in the car to wipe down anything that comes into contact with us that may be infectious. We are regularly washing our hands, taking more frequent baths and generally making sure my house a more sanitary place. I am cooking more fresh home-cooked meals instead of processed food, taking multivitamins to help our immune system and stocking up on lots of fruit which I regularly make into healthy smoothies for me and the kids.

To all pregnant mummies out there, I have searched the net for information on how we need to be taking better care of ourselves, bearing in mind we are carrying unborn babies. So here are a few things that I think are worth sharing;

*I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms of nasal congestion, bleeding gums and headaches, but signs of cold or flu-like symptoms and a cough should be monitored.

*As this is a very new virus, there is no evidence to suggest that the virus increases miscarriages or passes the virus onto your unborn baby (vertical transmission). It is therefore considered unlikely that if you have the virus it will cause abnormalities in your baby.

*If you are travelling outside the UK, like I am in April to Greece, make sure you have pack plenty of antibacterial products. I am going to check in an extra suitcase of toiletries just to make sure I can personally wipe down surfaces in our hotel daily. Make sure you have adequate family travel insurance in case anyone falls sick. If your holiday is ATOL/ABTA protected, any cancelled flights or hotels will be covered by their insurance.

*If you think you have been exposed to the virus you can call the NHS 111 service, and contact your maternity unit with the information you have been given. Cancel any appointments you may have with your midwife GP or hospital.

*If you have to be tested for the virus, you will be advised to self isolate and diagnostic swabs will be sent to you. The test involves swabs being taken from your nose and mouth.

*If you have to self isolate this means not going to work, NHS locations, public areas, public transport. You must stay at home with no visitors allowed. Keep rooms fully ventilated and use separate towels and utensils to the rest of your family. This should be done for 14 days.

*There is no evidence to suggest that you cannot have your preferred birthing plan after having contracted the virus. Your baby will be tested once born and both of you will be closely monitored.

*As it stand there has been no recorded deaths on pregnant women or babies. Stay sanitary and stay safe!

For more information visit NHS online.


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