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Hello Second Trimester

I am writing this blog at 20 week into my pregnancy, my second trimester, and I cannot believe how quickly it has come around. I am half way through my pregnancy already! With my first trimester feeling like it was an eternity of nausea and exhaustion, my second has been a breeze! My mood switched as soon as I could eat properly again, I suddenly had enough energy to go to the gym and enjoy more activities with my boys.

Its A Girl!

Anyone who knows me knows how impatient I am, but also how super organised I like to be, so finding out the gender of the baby was always at the forefront of my mind. Usually you have to wait until you’re 16-20 weeks, but I had a blood test just after my 12 week scan to find out the sex, and we were over the moon to find out we are having a baby girl! I think I knew deep down it was a girl as this pregnancy has been totally different from my other two. I hear that girls are harder to carry and so far I have had every symptom my apps and baby books have said you may get. Paul and the boys were ecstatic, so much so, Rocco begged to come to my private 16 week scan to see her. She was moving around so much, with her hands over her face again, playing peek-a-boo. Rocco talks about her non-stop and is obsessed with the clothes I’ve bought her. He is going to be the best big brother.

Baby Bumps

I haven’t weighed myself in years, so didn’t want to start tracking it like my apps were telling me as I think its a slippery slope to obsessing about your weight. At 9 weeks I couldn’t fit into my clothes, and by 12 weeks I pretty much looked so pregnant I couldn’t hide it any longer. I have enjoyed watching my belly grow, in fact I love it! Paul thinks I’m weird but its the best part about being pregnant for me. I’ve been using body scrubs and oils on it and really taking care of my skin. I love wearing dresses that are tight to show that there is a bump. I felt my first ‘tap’ at 15 weeks and knew straight away what it was. Now I can feel her turning and kicking, especially on a night when I’m relaxed. I can even tell what position she is in by her movements and I have been getting the odd Braxton Hicks already. I am enjoying the little kicks now as I know they will start to get bigger and more painful towards the end! So far she is the perfect size and I am enjoying every second.

Corona Crisis

Over the past 4 weeks we have been in the Coronavirus pandemic, so we have been isolating at home for the duration until the foreseeable future. Every day the death toll is rising, and its been pretty scary as I am classed as ‘vulnerable’ with me being pregnant. I am due to have my 20 week scan on 14th April, my birthday, and I have to go to the hospital alone, Paul is not allowed in as they are limiting people going into hospitals. With the virus being new, we do not know what affect it can have on me or newborn babies. It has been very isolating not seeing anyone, so I have been communicating with my family and friends on FaceTime and social media. Staying home and staying safe is my biggest priority. Schools and nursery’s are closed so Rocco and Romeo are both at home with me, including Paul who is running his finance company and 120 staff from home. Its been a crazy few weeks, only being able to leave the house to buy food and social distancing in parks. All shops, gyms, restaurants and bars are closed too. But we are saving so much money being at home, connecting together again as a family, going on lovely nature walks around our village and I am loving spending time with my boys before the baby comes.

Home Workouts

I am a gym bunny, so when my gym closed I was devastated, it was my sanctuary and with me being pregnant I relied on my HIIT and yoga classes to keep me fit. I have been downloading apps and watching You Tube videos on fitness exercises, and have been doing my own versions as home. Its not as easy with kids running around and having to keep on top of homeschooling and housework, so some nights I just read and get an early night. Eating healthy is the only way I can keep a healthy mind, so I’ve been juicing, making smoothies, and really enjoying cooking from scratch for me and the boys. Its great to have my appetite and energy back!

Birthing Plan

I have already been thinking about my birthing plan which I’m hoping will be totally different to my other two. My first labour was 23 hours so I had an epidural at the hospital. I haemorrhaged at home 7 days after having Rocco and needed three blood transfusions after 24 hours of bleeding heavy blood clots the health professionals could not stop. This was due to placental membrane being left inside me after delivery. I was placed under consultancy care with my second pregnancy due to this, but my second labour wasn’t as bad. I opted for an epidural again, but this slowed my labour down. After the baby’s heart rate suddenly dropped after 8 hours of labour, I was rushed to theatre to have a cesarean, as they were scrubbing up, the baby’s head was out, so they told me to push and 2 mins later Romeo was born.

I have decided to try and not have pain relief this time as I’d like a quicker birth. I know it may sound odd, but I want to feel every bit of this experience and be more in control. I would love to have a water birth in the hospital birthing unit and I have been researching hypnobirthing. After having hypnotherapy in February 2019 for acute anxiety, I learned all about meditation and using the conscious and subconscious part of your brain to deal with past and present events. I have read the Chimp Paradox which is great at breaking down how the brain works, I am now huge fan of meditation which I do most nights. Hypnobirthing seems like a route I would love to take. I know birthing plans can totally go out the window depending on labour circumstances at the time, but I will definitely be giving it a good go! Read my upcoming blog on my findings so far.



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