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Is Breast Best…?

Last week was National Breast Feeding Celebration Week, and I couldn’t help but notice all the celeb pictures going viral of high profile media personalities breast feeding their babies in public. Tamara Ecclestone, Gisele and Pink have all bared their breasts in celebration of one of the most natural methods in feeding your babies.

Breast feeding is part of a very topical and political ongoing debate of, ‘Is Breast Best?’ but it all comes down to personal preference for each mother and their baby. Most new mums are advised to breast feed due to the benefits it gives your baby. Midwifes recommend feeding babies until they at about 6 months old, some can do it for longer, some do it for less, some babies don’t latch on, and some mums find it too stressful and painful.


There has never been anything proven to say that breast fed babies turn out to be healthier adults, more intelligent or become superheros, its simply down down personal preference on what is more convenient for you and your baby. I breast fed Rocco from the minute he was put in my arms and he latched on straight away. I fed him until he was 4 months old and I loved every minute of it. I loved the bond, the ‘me and him’ time, and just knowing that I was helping my baby grow. I could have fed him for longer but due to him always being not a good sleeper, the bottle was a good option to try. I did find breast feeding highly demanding and never really fed him in public, I always fed him in the car or a home. I wimped out of getting my boobs out in restaurants. With baby no2 I will most certainly try breast feeding again and am very much looking forward to it! It worked for me, but did it work for you?

I would be very keen to see and hear your comments on this topic, as it is certainly one that helps everyone in making the best decision for them, their baby and their homelife.


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