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Juicy Fruity Peel

I have just recently been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which is a cluster of small cysts that form on the ovaries. The first symptom I noticed was my skin became spotty and dull. I’ve never suffered from pimples before, they appeared few and far between, so when I started seeing random spots on my face, I knew something wasn’t right. During this time of year when the weather and climate can cause skin breakouts, I thought I would treat myself to a bit of pampering to cheer myself up.


I decided to book myself into Mozhgan Taheri’s clinic in Wilmslow for a HL peel – which is also known as a fruit acid peel. I had a consultation previously and I was a good candidate for the treatment due to having a lot of excess sebum under my skin creating those little pimples.


Upon arriving at the clinic I was taken into the cosy, warmly lit treatment room where I had a full cleanse to remove all the traces of makeup and to prepare the skin for the treatment.

PH Rebalance Peel

The second stage of the HL peel was to rebalance the ph levels and sebum under the skin. This felt like a cold gel which was then massaged into my face for 2-3 minutes.

Extreme Peel

The third stage was the extreme peel gel which was added over the rebalancing peel. This did tingle a little, but it was bearable. I could feel my skin heating up, as this was left on the skin a little longer, approx. 5 minutes. A cooling gel was applied on top to soothe the skin. The whole treatment lasted a relaxing 15 minutes and costs £80.


Mozhgan did warn me that more spots may appear as the HL peel brings all the sebum and toxins to the surface of the skin, so I wasn’t too shocked to see a few new little bumps after the treatment. Instantly my skin felt fresh, clean and brand new.

My aftercare was simply not to scrub my face for 4-5 days, use a normal moisturiser and apply as much as needed as the skin goes tend to go a little dry.

The day after my skin felt taught, baby fresh and all my spots had instantly dried out into hard scabs. But little did I know how much of my skin was going to shed. I had patches of dry skin all over my face on day 3 and 4, from under my nose, to my forehead and cheeks! But the juxtaposition of the old skin compared to the new skin was fascinating. The old skin was dull and dark, and the new skin was bright, light and smooth. I didn’t pick or pull the skin but gently kept adding more and more Palmers Coco Butter on my skin throughout the day.untitled (16)

By day 6 my skin had completely shed and my new illuminated baby soft skin was amazing and also great base for my daily make up routine. It makes you not want to wear too much, and some days I ventured out make up free!

These treatments are recommended every 2 weeks until the skin has very little peel to the skin. Since then I have been back to the doctors for assessments and hormone blood tests for my condition, and have been prescribed a daily moisturizer that I can use every evening to help keep my sebum at bay. Having PCOS can disappear as quickly as it comes, its manageable, treatable and as long as you are given the correct medication it will help you with your symptoms. My skin has become so much smoother using a variety of different treatments and adapting my daily skincare routine.

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