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There has been high’s and lows during this lockdown period, one of them being having more time to write my beauty blog again! During isolation I have had to cancel our family holiday to Halkadiki, a spa day a Peckforton castle, numerous dinner reservations and beauty appointments. No fun at all. It’s been six weeks so far since I have had zero contact with outside world other than through social media and technology, and with me now being over five months pregnant I have needed to create time for myself away from home schooling, cooking, cleaning and being mum and wife.

The benefits of lockdown for me has been taking more time to pamper myself, usually once the kids are in bed, with manicures, pedicures and weekly facials. I am also a fan of looking after my skin, especially since being pregnant, so I took some of my beauty products and created my own tummy massage. I do this massage twice a week which most definitely helps with;

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Preventing stretch marks
  • Skin renewal
  • Pamper time


Exfoliate – Apply Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Scrub, £18. This removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin

Rinse and pat dry with a warm damp cloth

Tummy Mask – Apply Lacura Caviar illumination 3 Minute cell renewal mask, £6. This gives a deep penetration of moisture and minerals

Rinse and pat dry with a warm damp cloth

Tone – Apply Clarins One-step toner, £15.99 on two cotton pads and rub over tummy. This balances the ph levels back into the skin

Leave to sink into the skin

Moisturise – Apply Bio Oil, £10.99. This prevents stretch marks and will keep skin soft and supple as and when it stretches

The baby loves this massage, she always has a few little stretches when I’ve done this at home. Anything that is great for me and baby wins hands down!


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