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My Little Rockstar

Every since I can remember I have wanted to be a mum. On 28th October 2013 I found out I was expecting my first baby, and over the moon was an understatement. My partner and I had only been trying for 6 weeks so it was a shock it happened so quickly, but nevertheless it was the happiest moment of our lives.


I promptly when to buy baby books to read all about my baby’s progress week by week, I even downloaded an app called, Ovia Pregnancy with gives you daily updates on the size of your baby, when their organs start to grow, when their little features appear, what to eat, recipes ideas, exercise tips… I was obsessed with it! I watched my baby digitally grow from the size of a grapeseed to the size of a pumpkin! I loved every part of my pregnancy, down to the maternitywear, ante natal classes, pregnancy yoga, and counted down the days to each upcoming midwife appointment. I wished my baby bump to get bigger by the day so I could show it off, but I’m quite petite so my bump didn’t show until I was 5 months pregnant.


At 12 weeks I found out my little baby bump had two little friends, two fibroid on with side of my uterus, so I was kept under consultancy care for the duration of my pregnancy, on the plush side, I had to have an extra two scans to make sure they weren’t interfering with my baby’s growth. After the not so great news, we then found out we were having a boy! I was super happy he was healthy and he look so adorable on the scan, but it did take a little getting used to. I have been brought up by my mum and aunties, and all my younger cousins were girls. I’d never changed a boys nappy, or looked in the boys section in clothing stores, so this was a very exciting challenge!

I didn’t want to miss a moment of my pregnancy or my precious proud baby bump, so I booked to have a photo shoot with my best friend whos a professional maturity, baby and family photographer, Lucy Prince Photography.


I worked right up until my due date on 25th June 2014 and came home that night anxiously waiting to meet my little boy, at 2am the next morning, my contractions started. After 8 hours in labour at home, the pain was bearable, so I leisurely got ready, full make up applied, curled my hair and headed to hospital in my ‘labour day attire’. I got sent home after only being 2 cm dilated, much to my frustration, I cried and locked myself in my room to get my head around the pain, with no painkillers.

Another 8 hours late and a warm bath later, and my contractions were 2 minutes apart, I headed back to the hospital, 9cm dilated, and ready for my epidural. At 11.11pm my little boy was born, after a scary 10 minutes when the umbilical cord got wrapped around his neck and his breathing slowed down, but he was healthy, he was mine and we named him Rocco!


The day I brought him home, I was exhausted but elated. I always thought it was a cliché when people used to say, ‘they grow up so quickly’… well its a fact! I take pictures of him every day so I won’t ever forget those special moments.

Juggling been a working mum hasn’t been easy. My business was going from strength to strength so I didn’t want to loose momentum. But after night after night of sleepless nights, sleep deprivation won some days, and its a killer! Sometimes something has to give and my priority was my baby, making sure he was feeding, sleeping and getting him into a solid routine. I breastfeed morning, noon and night… but I loved the bond, I loved the one on one moments we shared. It was very demanding so when me and my partner booked a long weekend away to Marbella when he was 4 months old, I decided to switch him to the bottle which I hoped would also help his sleeping pattern.


During this time, my acting agency who also have a children’s division, suggested I put Rocco into modelling. I know how the industry works, Ive been in it since I was 7 years old so I was aware not to take it too seriously and use it as fun day out, with some cool pictures at the end of it.

Rocco was cast for his first modelling job at 6 months old for Cosatto; other jobs followed for Shop Direct, John Lewis and Morrison’ Nutmeg Christmas 2015 campaign. Dont get me wrong, all babies have diva days too, but if he’s not well, or too tired, we go home and call it a day. Modelling has to be fun at this age, and not taken too seriously. We celebrated Rocco’s first birthday on 25th June 2015 at our home with my close friends and family. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so we hired two mascots and had a fully themed party. Its was such an amazing milestone, I’ll never forget!

At 11 months he’s now running around causing beautiful chaos, and I love every day we share together as a family, even when he’s got baby man flu, teething, and learning how to say ‘no’ to most things….HE ROCKS MY WORLD!!





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