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Once You Go Black!

There seems to be a new beauty trend that’s taking over social media at the moment and I’ve been super intrigued to see what all the fuss is about. Charcoal has become the new beauty secret introduced into products that has been proven to pull oil and dirt out of skin and teeth. Activated charcoal has actually been used in beauty products for decades, but its only until now that these have become latest products placed in our vanity units.


I started my ‘Mummy Makeover Takeover’ six weeks after having baby Romeo, where I am on a mission now more than ever to try and test products on the market, get fit, eat clean and change my habits into a positive lifestyle choices for my body and mind. I have 18 months until I get married so I will be blogging and review lots of new things on the market which I want to share with my fellow readers.

Here are some charcoal based products I have tried recently;

The Carbon Facial

I came across this treatment at the Maria Patricia clinic who specialises in beauty, aesthetics and laser treatments. The carbon facial is a new innovative treatment that is applied to the skin with a brush and lasered off, flicking away dirt deep under the skin. The product is left on for 30 minutes to work its way into the skin, absorbs toxins and removes impurities. Its perfect for people with acne, large pores or oily skin. The lasering on my skin was a strange sensation, like a small prickly sensation all over your face but its not painful. The full treatment costs £50 for a one hour treatment and its advised not to wear any make up or use face masks after this treatment to get the best results.

My Verdict

I have oily skin so this treatment was perfect for me, but I think its better suited for people with problem skin to invest in a course of treatments every 2 weeks. I will most definitely be treating myself to one of these once every 4-6 weeks.



My Beauty Score 4/5

The Pore Puller

After my amazing facial at Maria Patricia’s salon, she gave me a tube of purifying peel off mask to use a week after my treatment. Its a deep cleansing mask that needs a very thick application so when it dries its sets to a thick plastic layer, ready to be peeled off. Once left on for 30 minutes, the charcoal pulls out all the dirt and impurities from the skin and sticks to the mask. To peel off the mask, peel from left to right, not top to bottom. Its feels like pulling a plaster off your skin and can make yours eyes water a bit, but the aim is to try and pull the mask off in one piece. After the mask has comes off, lay it on a flat surface and you can actually see all the dirt and dead skin lodge in the mask! The tube only costs £6.50 and also comes in sachets of nose strips at 50p! Such a bargain for such an amazing product. It just shows you don’t have to pay the earth for great beauty products.

My Verdict

I have tried so many face masks over the years and this is by far the best one yet. I have always found it very difficult to find a product compatible for my skin type, and I am so happy I have found this product!


My Beauty Score 5/5

The Smokey Smile

I recently attended a beauty launch where I came across Revive – a carbon activated toothpaste. It comes with a little pot of charcoal which is brushed into your teeth and left on for 2-3 minutes to activate. The next stage is just to simply brush off with the specialised toothpaste to give you a gleaming smile. The charcoal highlights areas of food and plaque so you can see where to brush your teeth and gums. From one application I could feel that they were much cleaner than just using my usual toothpaste. Its advised to use this product 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks to see a noticeable difference.

My Verdict

I would most definitely be using this as part of my daily regime as its not too time consuming, doesn’t taste rancid and very easy to use. My teeth are pretty much white anyway so the results for me were minor, however, it makes my teeth feel super clean and its perfect for regular coffee and red wine drinkers like myself.


My Beauty Score 3/5

For treatments at the Maria Patricia clinic click here for the full list and prices. Masks and nose strip can also be purchased through the clinic.

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