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Pamper & Prime

I have been on a complete Swan Party prep and pamper binge, booking some amazing treatments at the Nicola Jay Academy in Cheadle. I’ve always been a huge fan of beauty treatments and always like to try new innovative treatments in the industry. I always go for non-surgical, non invasive treatments as my skin is super sensitive.

I am a huge fan of the AlumierMD products, so I decided to try the Skin Deep facial which is combined with the Enzyme peel and Micro needling. This treatment not only targets free radicals and pollution but the Papain and Bromelain, which is a vital ingredient in the peel, exfoliates the surface leaving it squeeky clean. This prepares the skin for the next stage of Mirco needling. The treatment starts with a small circle of 18 mirco needles which penetrates the skin causing a slight trauma. Its just feels like a strong vibration on your skin. This stage also pushed the Youth Pro Concentrates into the epidermis layer of the skin targeting fine lines, hyper pigmentation, scarring, and an uneven skin tone. This treatment is fantastic for all skin types, especially mine which is a combination of dry and oily. It is currently on offer at the salon for £75, usually £100, so snap one up before winter season kicks in!

It was also time to have my eyebrows topped up with semi permanent make up, which I first had just over 5 years ago. Eyebrows have become a huge trend, they can really change the shape of your face and expressions, and I was definitely ready for a new sexy shape. The treatment only took an hour and costs £140 for the initial tattooing and then £140 for a top up after 2 weeks. A nano needle is used to create the illusion of tiny hair stokes to give a more natural, softer look. I wanted to go for a thicker arched shaped, which Nicola performed perfectly. I am obsessed with them. I regularly have semi permanent lashes every two weeks at the salon too, so now my morning make up routine takes less than five minutes.  A little touch of under eye MAC concealer and I’m ready for the nursery run. Its amazing waking up with half your make up already on!

I always feeling so well looked after the Nicola Jay Academy and every time I pop in I leave booking another treatment. Its my new beauty sanctuary, you know where to find me!


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