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Pregnancy Pampering

I am so glad I have finally reached my second trimester! The first 12 weeks have been tough. You name it, I had it, from nausea to extreme fatigue and hormonal skin breakouts. I have been taking extra care of myself since finding out I was expecting, I was already taking my folic acid, but have now switched to Pregnacare prenatal vitamins to make sure I getting my full daily allowance. I lost 5 pounds in weight in my first 10 weeks due to have such bad nausea I could barley eat, but I’m making up for it now, stocking up on lots of fruit, veggies, home cooked dinners and cutting back on my caffeine. My skin has been very temperamental recently, so I’ve left it alone, only using very basic products like the Simple range to keep irritation at bay. It has since calmed down and my skin has cleared up, so it was time for a bit of prenatal pampering.


I booked myself into Clarin’s at Selfridges Exchange Square for a full hour of relaxation – a face, shoulder, hand and foot massage. After running around with little Rocco all weekend, it was time for him and daddy to have a boys afternoon while I had a few hours to myself. The Radiance Receiver Treatment is 85 minutes long, costing £65. It is designed to detoxify and recharge dull, tried, stressed skin with a cocktail of antioxidants and super revitalising plant extracts restoring health and radiance. Its like a multi-vitamin for the skin! I ended up falling asleep half way through, I was in complete zen. I have made a pact with myself to book one of these every 6 weeks. After my treatment I bought the Gentle Foaming Cleaner (£19.50) to keep my skin clean and radiant, and kindly given some samples of their toner, gentle exfoliator and mosituriser.


Now that my daily facial routine was sorted, I shopped around for a pregnancy body cream. I usually use the Coco Butter range but I decided to try Bio Oil (£19.95 200ml) which is highly recommended for stretch marks, and scarring. It can be used as a preventative so I decided to give it a go. I massage the oil into my tummy, breasts and bum to keep stretch marks at bay. Not only does it small divine, but because I have dry skin, it keeps moisture locked in all day.


I’ve always been a big fan of MAC Cosmetics, I used to work as a make up artist in my uni days at the Leeds and Manchester stores, so I have some old favourites that I still buy now. MAC cater for all skin types, all ages and all sexes and I have always loved their company ethos, their charitable Back to MAC scheme and their flamboyant campaigns. They offer great colour palettes for black skin and hold high pigments so you always get a long lasting look with their products. I decided to go back to my two old faithfuls, Ambering Rose blusher which has a great gold shimmer with dusky pink undertone and Oh Baby lipglass, which comes up quite nude on me but gives a hi gloss finish. I wanted fresh, spring daytime look and these two are the perfect duo.


Since being back at work and not having much time to party any more on a weekend, I had given my eyelashes a break from individual lashes and have since opted for stick on strips that wont pull out my natural lashes. I came across Lash Magnifique eyelashes which are made from mink, so they are super soft and give a full, fluttering volume to your lashes. The ‘Isabella’ lashes (£19.99) are my favourite and I cant wait to wear them for my birthday weekend this week!

                                       lash 2      lash

I turn 33 this week and Paul has booked us a night away in central Manchester in a 5 star hotel. My body and beauty regime was now on point, so it was time so invest in a new fragrance. I love the Marc Jacobs range, I literally adore every scent. They are clean, fresh, summery – all my favourite elements in a fragrance. I was very intrigued by the new Decadence scent, which has a more musky tone of sandlewood but still has the Marc Jacobs signature citrus notes. It was a must have buy for me, especially as the bottle is packaged like a little tassle handbag. Cute but sexy!




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