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Pregnancy Problems, Solved!

Being pregnant with baby No2 has been much more challenging this time around, simply because I am a working mum, running a home and running around after an energetic two year old. I have suffered from everything from sickness, fatigue, headaches and Braxton Hicks contractions from the early stages, but most recently I have had to take time off work with pelvic girdle pain.

It all started when I came back from a week long holiday in Greece, and jumped straight into my usual routine starting with my 6am wake up calls from Rocco. I was usually achy around my groin and pubic bone area. I was walking around like John Wayne at work and was told to go home numerous times, so it time to rest over the upcoming weekend.

As the weekend approached the pain got worse, and the best way to describe it was like being kicked right in between the legs! I called my midwife for advice which was to rest, and take a week off work. The following Monday I called Triage at the hospital who confirmed my aches were (SPD) also know was Pelvic Girdle Pain. Here are some of the symptoms I experienced;

  • Back and hip pain

  • Pain down inner tights

  • Pain made worse when walking or going up and down stairs

  • Trouble┬ásleeping and getting out of bed

These symptoms can occur anytime during pregnancy and are usually resolved with physiotherapy or a deep tissue massage. I promptly called my Physiotherapist Carla, at Physio Wellbeing who is trained in pre-natal massage, for an hour long session. These treatments are not for the faint hearted, they hurt but the pain is more like a slow burning sense of relief until the pain disappears.


I instantly felt loose, supple and as soon as I got up to walk, the pain in my groin had gone. I was told to wait 24 hours, as you can still feel bruised due to the strength of the massage, but the next day I felt like all my joints were finally free! Another plus side, my headaches also went after a deep tissue massage on my neck and shoulders.

There is nothing I can think of as to why I got SDP, it can happen to most pregnant women at any time of their pregnancy. But you must listen to your body and manage your symptoms correctly. I am booked in every 4 weeks now to keep on top of reoccurring tension and ligament pain.


Next week I will be highlighting some delicious recipes to keep you going through sickness and nausea!


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