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Teething ‘Ell

I have heard some horror stories about teething babies…screaming day and night, chewing everything in sight and demanding cuddles and attention 24/7. I was really lucky with Rocco, now aged 2, as he didn’t start teething until nine months old and we didn’t even know until two little peggys just appeared one day. We had no tears, no tantrums, just teeth!

Romeo on the other has started teething at three months old and the difference is miles apart. My usually happy, smiley, content little baby is now having episodes of teething hell. Its heartbreaking seeing him in pain and some days he can cry for a full hour with his full fist in his mouth until he falls into an exhausted coma.

Signs of a teething baby are;

Fist and fingers in their mouths
Chewing on toys, blankets and clothing
Excessive dribbling and hard gums
Crying outbursts
Acid relfux
Rosey cheeks
Dry skin
Runny soiled nappies
Interrupted sleeping pattern

I noticed all of the above signs with Romeo and here are a few products I use and highly recommend for your little ones;

Teetha Teething Granules

You just pop the powder into their mouths and their tongue rubs it around their gums. Its homeopathic which means that it is natural rather than medicinal so you can give them as many sachets as you want in a 24 hour period. Romeo loves these and they really seem to take the edge off his sore gums.

Nelsons Teetha


This is a gel that I’m sure my mum use to give to me when I was a baby. I always carry a tube in my bag for when we’re out and about. The gel can side off their gums as it only sits on top of them for a short while, it doesn’t absorb as much as a powder but alternating the two most definitely helps.

Calpol & Calprofen

One contains paracetamol and one contains ibuprofen so you can alternate the two every 2 hours rather than 4 hours on those really tough days. I buy the sugar free versions and give him 2mls every 2-4 hours. I tend to stick to gels, powders and lots of cuddles during the day and this medicine on a night as it most certainly helps with his sleep.

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Teething Toys

Sophie the Giraffe seems to be a popular choice with lots of mum’s but Romeo is only 4 months old and cant quite grasp toys yet, so we have chosen blanket toys which are soft and easy for him to hold. I bought both the blanket and teething toy range from Ellie & Raff and Romeo loves them. He loves the feel of anything soft, and with him being so young, he prefers soft textures rather than hard plastic.


We can all benefit from each other by sharing our own Mummy Diaries, so please feel free to comment in the box below!

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    Love reading your blogs! We’ve found freezing specially bought ‘made for the freezer’ teething toys helpful. Lola loves the coldness against her gums x

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