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The Confessions of a Mummy’s Diary

Whether you are a mum of one, two or ten, its most definitely one of our most challenging roles yet…the sleepless nights, colic, clingy babies and the terrible two’s, the list can be endless and relentless. I hold my hands up in admitting that I sometimes cut corners juggling a baby and a toddler, and I am sure many other mummies reading this can relate to it. Rules may be broken so you can get 5 minutes of silence and sanity, and our little cherubs can morph into little devils in 0-60 seconds! So here goes, here are my confessions;


  • Sometimes, I don’t take a bath for 2 days (sometimes 3!) because its easier and quicker to have a cowboy wash in the sink
  • Sometimes, I use dry hair shampoo and wear a top knot because my hair straighteners have now become an item of luxury rather than a necessity
  • Sometimes, I have to change up to 10 stinky nappies a day with my newborn and toddler, so when Daddy is on his way home from work, I’ll wait until he walks through the door and pretend the stentch has just happened…on Daddy’s watch
  • Sometimes, if I put my toddler to bed and he wants me to read him his 4 favourite books, I skip pages to cut down on storytime until we get to ‘THE END’
  • Sometimes, when the kids are playing with their noisey toys and sending me over the edge, I take out the batteries, hide them and say that the toys have gone for a nap
  • Sometimes, when both kids are crying for my attention and I pyshically cannot see to them both, I hide in the bathroom and cry for 2 minutes to get my head in gear
  • Sometimes, if I have forgotten to buy dinner for the kids, I feed them a big bowl baby porridge
  • Sometimes, if I am shopping with them in the trolly, I open toys, sweet or snacks from the shelves just to get to the checkout without losing the will to live


After listing all of the above, me and my kids are all still alive to tell the tale! The best form of therapy is to talk to each other, share your stories, and have a good laugh about the rollarcoaster of being a mum, because we all have good days and bad days. Somewhere, someone may be going through a bout of the baby blues or post natal depression and its women supporting women that can be the medicine to make us feel better.


My biggest confession is that I love my babies so much I could cry. They are my body, my being and the only two people who know what my heartbeart sounds like inside. I suffer from separation anxiety since having my first son, and I still struggle with it every day. Going to the gym, leaving them over night, ¬†and going on holidays without them all proved very difficult for me. It will never go away but hopefully get easier in time. Mummies need their alone time, pamper time and couples time with their partners and I’m learning not to feel guilty about it. It keeps us sane, healthy and feeds positive energy to our little ones.

So just in case your forgot, your tummy might not be perfect…but your smile lights up the room. You are more than enough…and your mind is insanely cool. Single, divorced, engaged or a wife…we are all doing an amazing job in life…XX



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