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The Countdown: 4 Week to Go!

The past two weeks has been a super busy one, hence why six weeks to go has suddenly turned into 4 weeks to go until my due date! My fabulous friend Seema who owns fashion label Forever Unique was hosting the launch of her new couture diffusion line at Manchester’s newest bar and hotspot Menagerie. It was filmed for the new upcoming series of The Real Housewives of Cheshire which Seema is currently starring in. I wore one of my favourite Forever Unique dresses (of course!) to the event and me and Paul had fabulous evening celebrating Seema’s new venture.


With it being the school Summer holiday’s, we also manged to squeeze in a UK family holiday to Ribby Hall Village which I posted last week in my travel blog, to spend some quality¬†family time together.¬†Not only have I been nesting, getting my hospital bag ready, sterilizing breast pumps, buying nappy bins, and grabbing any last minute bits for baby, I also had my baby shower this week too. I was debating whether to have one this time round with it being my second pregnancy, but then I thought, why not?! I want both my boys to have the same treatment from bump to birth and beyond so I invited some of my close friends who helped me organise a very chilled, laid back afternoon at my home for a natter and nibbles.


I love playing hostess so even though my invitation said ‘no fuss’ I still wanted to make sure everyone was well fed and watered. I booked all my shopping online at Waitrose and ordered a selection of wraps, sandwich fingers, sushi, salad, fruit and Prosecco for the ones that could enjoy a few glasses of alcohol…even I was allowed one! The afternoon was fabulous. I loved catching up with all my friends with baby talk, wedding plans and just a general good old gossip.



The week baby is still pretty high up and hasn’t dropped yet, so I’m still experiencing shortness of breath, slow digestion and the occasional bout of nausea. Paul said its been painful walking around with me at Ribby Village because I was slower than the kids! The waddle has well and truly commenced and I am constantly exhausted. I feel like this baby is taking all my last reserves of energy. Not only that, but the pressure on my pelvis and bladder is very very heavy and it takes me a good 5 minutes to get into a comfortable position in bed with my pregnancy pillow while Paul is usually sound asleep snoring his head off!

Baby is now classed as full term at 36 weeks which in theory is actually 9 months (not sure where the extra 4 weeks come from!) so baby is fully formed and just nestling in putting on wight ready to be born. He’s approximately 19 inches long and weighting around 6lbs. All his little features are formed and I keep dreaming about what he’s going to look like and I’m counting down the days until I can finally cuddle him.


One of my biggest challenges this week has been trying to find some comfortable but classy clothing that’s not too tight, restricting or frumpy. Button down blouses for nursing and elasticated pants are creeping back into my wardrobe until I get my tummy back, which I’m not entirely over the moon about, so I treated myself to a beautiful red leather Hermes wallet as a treat to myself!


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