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The Countdown: 7 weeks to go

Today I am officially 33 weeks pregnant, and according to my pregnancy app Ovia the baby is almost at his birth weight and height, about the size of a large cauliflower. His eyes are open when he is awake, and knows the different between night and day. His bones are still hardening and his brain is developing more and more every day.


Is important at this stage to count the kicks to make sure that baby is actively healthy. My little spud is not only booting me morning, noon and night, but rolling and shuddering to the point where it takes my breath away. He is so much stronger than Rocco was, and even his hiccups feel like mini earthquakes! My Braxton Hicks contractions are now getting a lot stronger and longer, I get about 6-8 a day, which are sometimes quite painful but bearable.

This week I have nearly finished the baby’s nursery, my top purchase so far is the Sleephead of Sweden sleeping pod which I blogged about in my previous post. This week I’ve washed and ironed all his clothes in Fairy non bio products, and packed them neatly in his new baby changing unit. I’ve been buying and collecting bits over the past few months and still have a lot of clothes from when Rocco was born, but I couldn’t resist buying a few more additional splurges, such as a new Roberto Cavalli baby romper set from Childsplay Clothing.


I am feeling a lot better with my nausea this week and most definitely eating for one and a half now, but my mobility is starting to become strained. The odd little waddle is starting to creep up on me, as my pelvic and ligament pain comes and goes. I also started to suffer from Gingivitis this week which is bleeding gums when brushing my teeth which apparently is very normal, so I booked in to see my cosmetic dentist for a full dental hygiene assessment. While I was there I told them my concerns of my dental composite that had been put on 4 of my teeth from when I chipped them in a car accident when I was 17 years old.

Composite becomes very discolored over the years and I’ve had two tone teeth for about 10 years. Nothing noticeable to people unless I point it out, but enough to bug me, so I have arrange to have all my composite removed and replaced with fingernail veneers. I may as well start my mummy makeover takeover now while I am on maternity leave, and get the ball rolling, starting with the perfect smile.

I am now getting the hang of Snapchat, yes, another social medium that is becoming the latest trend, so snap me up @zeriozha to follow my blog life through a filtered lens.


Next week’s blog will feature tips on how to start packing your hospital bag, you never know when baby might show up and you must always be prepared!

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