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The First Trimester pink & blues

I am super happy to announce that I am expecting my third baby this Summer and just coming out of my first trimester. This pregnancy was planned, but there is always still an element of shock, excitement and anxiety all sent in waves during the 12 weeks. Even though its my third time around its totally different this time. My first pregnancy was a breeze with zero symptoms from start to finish, my second was a little tiring in the first trimester and fine the rest of the way, and so far the third has been tough from the get go!

Being a working mum juggling two young children aged five and three is challenging and the first trimester can be a very isolating stage. Were not suppose to tell anyone until we hit the 12 week ‘safety zone’ so I wanted to blog an honest account of my highs and low during this stage. 

Its a Positive

When I took my Clear Blue digital home pregnancy test it showed 1-2 weeks. I felt great, I felt happy, and I had zero symptoms for nearly 2 weeks. Then I started to get worried thinking, ‘am I really pregnant?’ I bought another three tests and did one every other day just to make sure it was correct! I promptly made an appointment with my local midwife, but they can only see you after 8 weeks so I still had a way to go. However, with me having uterine fibroid’s she advised me to have an early scan to check that they were not near the embedded embryo and not going to cause any problems later down the line.

I booked to have a 6 week scan at the Ultrasound Direct clinic in Manchester and was happy to see that they had calcified (shrunk) and were not in any way going to be a problem which was a huge relief. I didn’t know that 6 weeks scans were even available, but it was very comforting to see the tiny little fetal pole and its little heartbeat pulsating, about the size of a grain of rice. The amniotic sac, and the yolk sac next to it was all normal. Everything was fine.

Festive Faking

I found out I was pregnant two days before Christmas which meant that Christmas day, Boxing Day and the run up to the New Year was going to be a huge struggle trying to hide why I wasn’t able to drink any alcohol. I faked a few soda and limes to look like vodka, and had to use the old ‘I’m on antibiotics’ line a few times. In a way I was glad because I’m not a huge drinker so it was a good excuse to not get into the snowball of excessive eating and drinking during the festive period.

The Morning Sickness Myth

I was in that beautiful little pregnancy bubble in my own little world, mind racing daily on all the things I wanted to do and try this time around. A week later the bubble soon popped by waves of extreme nausea and sickness at the start of week 6. Morning sickness is a myth…its all day sickness and nausea, heightened by strong smells, driving, feeling too hot and lying down. I experienced a little bit of this with my second pregnancy but not this bad! The smell of coffee, perfume, certain foods, petrol..the list was endless, all made me heave. The morning school runs were near impossible, trying not to throw up, and my daily gym sessions were diverted to getting back home to lie on the sofa. I literally felt like the walking dead! Trying to eat or drink was a challenge. I lost 4lbs by my 7th week and was trying hard to keep my food down. A few things that have worked for me is eating little and often, eating dry cereals with a tiny bit of almond milk, fruit teas such as peppermint, lemon & ginger and keeping biscuits or protein bars in my car.

Time fill up on Goodness

My diet had to change. I am growing a baby and I need to keep my body healthy. So after two weeks of feeling sorry for myself and having no one to tell or talk to, I made some adjustments. I am a huge fan of juicing, which I usually make at home using the Jason Vale recipes. I knew that I was wasn’t eating enough calories or getting enough nutrients, so I bought a frozen 5 day supply from Jason Vale Delivered which offers 20 juices, 5 snack bars and 5 ginger shots. I make sure I have at least one juice for breakfast and one for lunch as well as lots of small snacks, and a filling dinner on a night.


I have introduced everything back into my diet, nothing is restricted now. If I want it, I eat it! I am totally addicted to fruit, especially oranges which I never use to eat before. I am constantly eating some kind of fruit. But its not all healthy, as I have been eating copious amounts of Marmite on buttery toast, crispy bacon or anything salty. I gave up eating red meat for 9 months but I am eating whatever I want now to get a balanced diet. I eat little and often, snacking when I can because if I eat large meals in a short space of time it just comes straight back up!

Lady Lumps

As I’ve not been able to go to the gym, which is my daily sanctuary, I have struggled a bit with my body going ‘soft’. All my muscle tone has gone and my wobbly bits have returned. My breasts are simply out of control, they are just huge, sore and I cant wear underwires as they are just too uncomfortable. God knows what size they are now. None of my clothes fit me due to my pot belly, not quite a bump just yet, but a pot belly. By this point I am screaming for help, but cant tell a soul, so its time to make some wardrobe changes to get my mojo back.

Retail Therapy

My wardrobe clear out was a very therapeutic little exercise, throwing out all my bodycon dresses, skinny jeans and anything remotely fitted was neatly packed into a suitcase, not to be opened for another 12 months months. In return I treated myself so some cosy knit jumper dresses from Missguided, my go-to elasticated waistband leather leggings from Zara, and a new pair of maternity skinny jeans from River Island (to name a few, as my husband will probably be reading this!) My new wardrobe to accommodate my very early growing bump had commenced and its been lovely looking at all the maternity ranges more brands are doing.

Power Naps

I’ve never felt tiredness like this, throwing in looking after two young boys and a teenager I’m not surprised. I feel no shame in admitting that I have regular power naps at home before the school pick up, usually with a Netflix box set in the background. By 5pm every night I am counting down the hours until the kids are bathed and in bed, and by 7pm I’m heading up myself! The exhaustion is real, and I am taking full advantage of working from home squeezing in my daily naps.

Pregnancy Glow

Luckily my skin hasn’t been affected, but that didn’t stop me from investing in some yummy new products to keep my skin in the best condition. I’ve just started using Mama Mio products, tummy rub butter, gorgeous glow facial wash and The Tummy Scrub, to keep my circulation flowing and my skin glowing. I have always used Bio oil on my tummy and bum to prevent stretch marks and its never to early to start!

Your body is amazing!

I am writing this blog at 10 weeks pregnant, the baby is now the size of a strawberry. There is so much that is happening every day in my body growing this little one, such as increased blood flow to support the uterus and placenta, which often gives me headaches and dizziness. Needing to pee more due to my kidneys working overtime to filter out the higher levels of bloodflow. Only 2 more weeks until the next scan to check everything is all ok and I can finally tell our family and friends our exciting news and why I have been laying low.

So far all my three pregnancies have been very different and I know some new mums breeze through, like I did my first time around, but for those who dont, its good to share, and hopefully relate. Its exhausting scrolling through social media with unrealistic ideals of how we should look and feel, so I am writing my blog and keeping it real!



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