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The New Addition: Baby No 2

As some of you may have read in my blog in January this year, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries in December 2015, as well as having two uterine fibroid’s. Last Christmas was a bit of a downer due to having quite a few health issues including a tumour in my arm. But it was advised by the doctors that if we wanted to start trying for another baby, we better crack on with it, as having PCOS can prove challenging to conceive due to having irregular periods. My doctor has been absolutely amazing, she called me on Christmas Eve to give me hospital updates on my tumour, and said she was going to called me on the 1st of every month to check how I was getting on with conceiving. We decided to monitor and track my cycle because I was in so much pain every month and my cycle was all over the place. So come January 2016 I put it to the back on my mind, started working full time on my new interior design project with Paul on his new offices and literally forgot about it.

Paul and I had booked a fabulous holiday adventure to the Ice Hotel in Lapland so we had a well deserved break to look forward to. Paul had been flying up and down the country to Glasgow and London on business, so we managed to squeeze a romantic night out at the Malmasion Hotel in Leeds, dinner reservations at Restaurant Bar & Grill and some down time. But I felt so ill I knew something wasn’t right, so I booked to go see my doctor on the following Monday…I was a week late.

I was devastated my periods had stopped. They had gone from hit and miss to nothing at all. But this is life and it was something I was willing to accept. I didn’t think to take a pregnancy test, as I knew I wouldn’t be pregnant, so I carried on with my usual routine. The night before Paul was due home, I couldn’t sleep, worrying and stressing about my condition, so to rule being pregnant, I bought a test and booked an appointment with my doctor at the same time so I could let her know my periods has finally stopped due to my PCOS.

As most busy mums with toddlers will know, you cant do anything in peace, so I paced to the loo with little Rocco running behind me asking ‘mummy what ya doing?! took the test and within seconds those two little blue lines showed up positive! Not only was I shocked, but it didn’t believe it. I grabbed my phone and logged straight onto Google to check whether it was my PCOS hormones playing tricks on me, but it wasn’t. Pregnancy tests track a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is produced by the placenta shortly after the embryo attaches to the uterine lining and builds up rapidly in your body in the first few days of pregnancy.


Not only did I take another test, I took 3, I called the doctor to book myself in for another test and her receptionist said that tests are so accurate these days, that it will be correct. I was in utter shock and all I wanted to do was call Paul, but I waited until he was home to tell him face to face. Hours seemed like days until he walked through the door, so I asked the usual, how was work…how was Glasgow and London…and just blurred out…’I’M PREGNANT!’

After about an hour of us both, logging back onto to Google to make sure this couldn’t have been a mistake, it finally sank in and we were over the moon. It was perfect timing, Rocco would be two when the new baby is born, work for both of us was booming, we were already planning an extension on our 5 bedroom home to make the top floor and bedrooms bigger so we couldn’t have been happier. We chatted all through the night about our future plans, excited about our holiday to Lapland, and I finally slept properly for the first time in days.

I had my first midwife appointment the following week who confirmed I was 5 weeks pregnant, it was great to see Pauline again who was my midwife when I was pregnant with Rocco. It only seemed like yesterday since I was there last time, but just as exciting. My doctor rang me on the 1st Feb for an update and even she was shocked to hear I was pregnant, but very happy for us. The only problem was that now I was pregnant, I wasn’t allowed to have my operation to have my tumour removed because they don’t advise having any kind of anesthetic. So it was back to being put on the waiting list. Two steps forward and four steps back.

The weeks flew by, I was so busy getting up every morning with Rocco at 6am to do the nursery run, working on a building site, sourcing furniture, designing interiors and working with suppliers, picking Rocco back up and trying to keep him entertained whilst cooking and cleaning before putting him to bed. The was no time for power naps, copious amounts peppermint tea and toast relaxing reading my baby books, not this time round!

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Instead I downloaded an app called Ovia on my iPhone which when adding all your personal info, gives you daily updates on baby’s development. Baby started off the size of a poppy seed and was now the size of a strawberry! It also gives you pregnancy tips, articles and videos to watch, recipes for fabulous food, drinks and snacks, an all important calendar to track your important appointments, and more excitingly week by week progression updates for both mum and baby. It was good to read that all my symptoms and mood swings were perfectly normal!

Lapland couldn’t have come around quick enough. It was Valentines weekend and we had an overnight stay at the Lydmar Hotel in Stockholm and two nights at the Ice Hotel in Kiruna. Much to my surprise, Paul proposed with a beautiful diamond ring inside the Ice Church. We were in one of the most beautiful (most coldest!) place in the world, newly engaged with a baby on the way. Life couldn’t have been any better. My pregnancy was still in its infancy so we chose to keep it to ourselves until the our first scan.


It was finally time for my 12 week scan, so Paul and I went to the hospital to see our little bundle for the first time. The midwife said we had a right little wriggler, a very active healthy little baby. I thought the scan was so clear and the baby looked so much bigger. In fact I was already showing a little baby bump very early on, so when I mentioned it the midwife, she explained to us that I was actually 14 weeks! The scan lasted a little longer this time as I had opted to have the tests for Downs, Edwards and Patau Syndrome which are chromosome abnormalities in the foetus, which involved accurate time consuming measurements and my bloods taken.


2 hours later, I was heading home with my new scan image to share with my family and friends. It all seemed real now and I was super excited to tell my family. Rocco now understands there’s a ‘bebe in mummy’s lelly’ and baby bump is growing nicely. Our estimated due date is 16th September 2016, and I am determined to enjoy my last pregnancy. Work is settling down, and its time to start nesting again, expanding our home to accommodate our new expanding family. Having PCOS has proved to me that conceiving is still possible, and that having the condition may be upsetting and challenging at first but staying optimistic and having a good relationship with your medical advisor is the step in the right direction.




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