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The Xmas countdown

Usually my Christmas’ are spent frantically running around shops and boutiques like a mad woman buying gifts for family and friends the week before Christmas, getting stressed that I’ve left everything to the last minute. Now my  time management is a lot more organised; juggling being a mum looking after a baby that’s constantly catching colds, stomach bugs and eye infections, running my PR agency, organising events and running a house full of boys! My days start at 6am when Rocco decides it’s time to wake me up right on queue to watch Peppa Pig and usually finishes at 10pm most evenings after working, cooking, cleaning (working!) and either writing posts for my blog or watching box sets with the mister.

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This festive season I started gift seeking early, online! The pleasure of having things delivered at the click of a button is not only my new vice, but the only way I shop these days. I seem to have a good eye for online purchases, checking reviews, the quality and material of the products, and doing research on getting the best deals.

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I can now say that on the 8th December all my Christmas gifts has now all been purchased, my favourite being a personalised Santa sack for Rocco. This is the start of so many Christmas’ with my little boy, seeing Christmas through your child’s eyes for the first time makes it just so magical. My face lights up every time I see his huge smile when we open the little cardboard door on his advent calendar and he pulls out his Milkybar chocolate. I can’t wait to fill his Santa sack this year, full of lots of goodies. Even though I have a feeling he will prefer to just sit and play with the wrapping paper! 17 days to go!

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