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Mums on the Nursery Run

I must admit, my beauty regime hasn’t been the best since I’ve been pregnant. Since being on maternity leave I’ve not needed to do my hair every day or wear make up for office meetings. Its given my skin and hair a holiday and I must say it’s worked a treat.

My day starts at 6am when Rocco gets up and usually climbs into my bed for a 10 minute cuddle before we head downstairs for breakfast. We eat, play and watch Peppa Pig until its time to take him to nursery. We set off at 8am every morning to beat rush hour traffic, and I usually have a quick shower, throw some clothes on, tie my hair in a bulldog clip and jump in the car. I have zero time for make up at this time in the morning, so its usually applied when I am back home to a peaceful house without Rocco getting his pudgy little hands on my products!

My 10 minute regime for the nursery run usually consists of using the following products;

Bio Oil

I have been using this product as a moisturiser for a while now, as it helps prevent stretch marks. Its light fragrance smells divine and I rub it all over my body, especially my tummy. I suffer from dry skin, even in the Summer so this oil really does lock in moisture and keeps my skin supple all day. Now that I am 38 weeks pregnant, my tummy can sometimes become very itchy due to it being over stretched so I always give my bump a mini massage too. Priced £14.99 from Boots for 200ml.


Diorshow Mascara

I have very short, fine lashes and have stayed away from using party lashes, as they tend to pull your own out with them, and I cant afford to lose anymore! This product only needs two applications to give a fluttery doe eyed look which makes my eyes look brighten and more awake during my early morning wake up calls. Priced £20 at Selfridges.


Clinique Longlasting glosswear

These miniature shades come in a variety of different colours and have a very sheer finish. I always add a quick application of whichever colour suites my morning mood and it gives me a very natural, subtle hint of pigment which is super moisturing and not too sticky. They are dinky enough to fit in my pocket or purse in case I need another little application or do a detour to the supermarket. Priced £17.00 at House of Fraser.


These three products are all I need to start my day, no fuss, no hassle and means I can spend more time with my little dude on a morning.

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