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When Rocco was 6 months old, he joined my modelling agency, Euro Kids in Warrington. He was lucky enough to have auditioned and won campaigns for Cosatto, Shop Direct, John Lewis and Nutmeg. But due to work commitments and Rocco going to nursery full time, I didn’t want to disrupt his routine, so when his contract was up for renewal, we put it on hold for a year.

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Rocco’s progress at nursery has been amazing, he has developed so much with his communication skills, mobility and his cheeky little personality has me in fits of laughter every day. He has just turned two years old and is a lot more confident and independent, so I thought that now was the perfect time to renew his contract again and see how comfortable he was in front of the camera again.


We were booked into his photo shoot at the Warrington studio on 4th July, and the team were super pleased to have him back. His shoot went really well, but it can be exhausting for us mum’s with all the jumping up and down and singing to keep them upbeat, entertained and smiley! I took my mum with me this time which was a great help with me now being 7 months pregnant! After about 45 minutes of being on set, Rocco kept saying ‘mummy, tired’ so it was time to wrap, get him into his comfies and take him home. I always take Rocco’s lead, as long as he is enjoying it, happy days, but if he gets fed up, hungry or tired, that’s our queue to take a break or call it a day. I’d never want to push or force him to do an activity he didn’t want to do. The photographer and studio co-coordinators are all super friendly and know how children and babies can be, so they were a great support on the day.


It was a fun day for both me, Rocco and my mum as we got some great shots for his new portfolio. Now all we can do it wait and see what work comes in for him, and if it does, its just simply a fun family day out with some cute pictures to keep at the end of it!

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