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Vegas Baby!

There’s so many places I’ve dreamed of visiting since I was a little girl, and America was one of them. I was lucky enough to visit New York in 2012, and this year we had planned to go to Las Vegas and LA as part of our child-free week away.

We booked to stay at the five star Venetian hotel on the strip which was a stunning Italian themed hotel, showcasing an abundance of restaurants, bars, shopping centres littered with designer boutiques, and of course their gigantic casino. All the hotels in Vegas are built with amazing amenities that each have their own unique stamp. You can stay in Paris and New York themed hotels, and more recently some of the new trendy hotels like the Wynn and the Cosmopolitan.

Once we boarded our plane we endured a 10 hour flight we popped open a bottle of champagne, chatted about our plans for the trip and watched some classic films. We landed in Nevada in no time to a 30 degree desert heat and headed straight to our hotel to settle in.

The check in desk was a military operation, large groups of people bustling in and out of the hotel, an eclectic mix of locals and tourists from all different cultures. People dressed up, people dressed down, its was an eyeopening experience and we hadn’t even checked into our room!

The suite was simply stunning, vintage decor, a double his and hers bathroom and a sky-scraping views of the beach clubs. After a quick shower and change we ventured out to see what the other hotels had to offer. Caesars Palace, The Mirage, The Bellagio were jaw dropping, the shopping, the food, the bars, the concerts, everything was just incredibly over the top. The casinos in every hotel were scented with their own signature smell, air conditioned to keep you awake, and big enough so that you don’t have to queue or wait to play.

That evening we made reservations at Beauty & Essex at the Cosmopolitan hotel which was through a secret doorway in a music shop and opened out into a dimly lit restaurant with funky music and American cuisine. We drank and dined until 12am, which after being awake for a full 24 hours of the travelling and settling in, I was falling asleep at the table. We headed back to the hotel ready for a good night sleep in our super king size bed.

The next day we had booked a VIP bed at Wet Republic with a group of our friends who were joining us. Steve Aoki was on the decks and we partied all day to house music in a typically American pool party atmosphere. It was a great day messing about in the pool, drinking champagne, eating tacos and sushi.

The next morning was welcomed with a heavy head, but that didn’t stop us getting up and out at 8am and walking around Vegas when it was quiet. We grabbed a cappuccino and went for breakfast at the Wynn. Its was Mother’s Day in the U.S so we had the brunch and at 90 dollars for two of us it was eye-watering but amazing! Everything in Vegas is expensive, you also have to tip 20% to everyone you come across, waiters, bellboys, taxi drivers, its pretty mandatory.

Since we only had 2 days left in Vegas before we drove to L.A, we decided to book a VIP bed at Tao beach club. This place was smaller than Wet Republic but its clientele was more mature and relaxed which is what we needed after 2 days of drinking. I was on the cocktails, sunbathing and taking a more chilled out day than previously. The staff, music and atmosphere in Tao was spot on, I love this place!


There is only so much partying I can do at the age of 34, and since having kids, I’ve slowed down a lot. We had planned to go to Drai’s at The Cromwell hotel that evening but ended up have a ‘power nap’ and waking up at 3am, so decided to stay in and recover.

Our last day in Vegas we spend hydrating, recuperating and sightseeing. We shopped in the boutiques, visited the wildlife centre, went on a romantic tour of the Venetian gondolas, watched the dancing fountain display at the Bellagio and booked tickets to see the Micheal Jackson Cirque de Soleil show. Its advised to liaise with a Vegas concierge before you head out to the city, as they give you access to bars, restaurant, clubs and concerts so you don’t have to queue and wait in line when you get out there. We hired a few just to make our trip more organised and less stressful.

In our jam-packed 4 days in Vegas, it was time to pack up and leave…we hired a Mustang to drive through the desert all the way to L.A on a road trip and I couldn’t wait.

Bye bye Vegas, until next time…Hello L.A!


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