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My Waist Trainer Challenge

I am a self confessed fan of Instagram, its my go-to place for fashion ideas, make up tips, celeb gossip and keeping up to speed with friends and their busy lives. I am regularly coming across fake news and fads, as its part of the game, but I was very intrigued by the idea of women wearing waist trainers. I have seen the Kardashians wearing them and some insta-famous models with 25 inch waists wearing them too and was totally put off. I then wondered if they would help with my posture rather than waistline, so I wanted to give it a try.

From the age of 3 years old I have studied ballet at dance school and was also a member of the Junior Associates at the London Royal Ballet at the age of 11 so I was always very disciplined with my posture from a young age. As I have got older, and after having children, I’m always hunched or stooping carrying shopping, the kids, driving, eating and I wanted to fix it.

I found my waist trainer on Instagram and was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn’t break the bank, at only £25 for the everyday corset. I measured my waist to get the right size, I was a medium. I had nothing to lose so I clicked to buy and within two days it arrived. The fabric is breathable cotton and Lycra mix with hooks and eyes down the front. There is also the latex trainer for more experienced wearers.

I have completely made this challenge myself to suit my lifestyle, so there are no rules, just taking each day as it comes and documenting my findings.

Day 1

Today is Thursday so a weird day to start this, however, its a school day so its routine as usual. I put my corset on at 8am and headed out on the school run. The first thing I realised was I needed to adjust was my car seat forwards. I drive slightly leaning to my left, but in the corset it doesn’t allow you to do anything but sit straight, so this was a good thing. Once my car seat was more or less upright, I was sitting comfortably. After the school and nursery run, I headed straight to the gym for 9.30am. I did my usual workout of weights and cardio. I did get a few funny looks in the gym, but the corset certainly helped in positioning my posture during my weight session. I grabbed my usual protein shake at David Lloyd, as I didn’t have time for breakfast, but half way through sipping it I was full up. I took the corset off around 6pm, so I had worn it for 10 hours. It felt surprising comfortable throughout the day so I was keen to get it back on the next day.

Day 2

Friday has been a right off, in the morning I felt really poorly. I was worried it was the corset, so decided not to wear it today. After heading out on the school run without it and returning home, I was in the bathroom every 5 mins with sickness (and the rest!), I had caught a sickness bug. My husband caught it too, luckily not the kids, so its was literally a case of getting through the day and in bed my 7pm.

Day 3

After a rough night and not getting much sleep with a migraine, I woke up feeling slightly delicate but keen to see if I could do another day in the corset. Today is a Saturday so it was a chilled out morning, followed by a trolley dash around Ikea and some DIY home improvements. Needless to say the corset was on and surprisingly comfortable again. In fact, I kept forgetting it was there. Lunch again was light, but I am not trying to loose weight, so I am making sure I am eating little and often. By the evening, my back has started to feel achy, like muscles being stretched. I can only guess that its because by back isn’t used to being in a straight position all the time, so its taking some getting use to. Due to this, I took the corset off at 4pm just to give my body a rest, 8 hours is still pretty good going.

Day 4

With it being a Sunday I was running around after the kids and not getting much of a break, but I did notice that my portion control on what I was eating was unusually small. I have noticed a slight weight loss, which has happened unintentionally. Because as my stomach is restricted I can only fit in small amounts. Today was the first day I noticed my clothes feeling loose, and naturally I just didn’t have much of an appetite. Weirdly, I wasn’t mentally hungry, and what I mean by that is, even though I was physically fed and satisfied, I was also mentally satisfied and didn’t have any cravings. I am not juicing or cutting anything out, I am still eating what I want, but just in smaller portions. I much prefer to eat ‘soft’ foods such as soups, smoothies, white meat, fish, fruit and vegetables by choice. Even when the corset was off in the evening I still wasn’t hungry, maybe my stomach has shrunk!

Day 5

Today its a manic Monday with all the kids in nursery and school, Paul’s at work and I have the full day (well..until 3pm!) to myself. I now see putting my corset on like putting part of my underwear on, but today, I felt brave enough to tighten the corset to the second set of clasps. During the morning and early afternoon I felt fine, didn’t really notice it was there, but by 1pm I felt like the corset bones were digging in my ribs and slightly more uncomfortable. I lasted until 4pm again and it was off, along with my bra. Today I just need ‘freedom’!

Day 6

I had arranged to meet a friend for lunch so was intrigued to see if I could still enjoy my afternoon socialising, eating and drinking with the corset. I was back on the second set of clasps, and today it felt a lot more comfortable. It really does give you a sleek silhouette in your clothes, so I was feeling pretty confident heading out in it. I have chosen to wear loose clothing during this challenge just to make sure that only the corset was snug to my skin. I met my friend Victoria at Sunset restaurant in Manchester, we had a cocktail, appetisers, sushi and tea and I felt great! I noticed I ate a lot slower than usual, often taking breaks in between courses so that I didn’t fill up too quick. I was pleasantly surprised that this corset can literally be worn everywhere, to the gym, at a restaurant, on the school run and even doing the housework. I could really get use to this.

Day 7

Today is the last day of my challenge, and I have loved it, it has been a huge eye opener. My posture has dramatically changed. I sit a lot straighter and when I am not wearing my corset and do feel myself slipping back into old habits, I correct it straight away. I measured my waist today and I have lost 1 inch in 1 week. It doesn’t seem like much, but I can feel the difference in my clothes. I didn’t intentionally aim to loose weight so I didn’t weigh myself, I don’t own scales anymore, I just go by how I feel in my clothes. The biggest lesson I have learned in all this is eating smaller portions still means you can eat what you want. No need to diet or go on a healthy eating fad, just simple foods eaten little and often.

I have two events this weekend so this has worked in perfect timing, as I know I will feel more confident in my dresses. I may even wear the corset under one of my dresses to give me that extra support! Two things I would 100% recommend in conjunction with wearing a waist trainer is to exercise and eat well. All three combined will give you the best results. I have now bought another waist trainer to add to my collection and I will definitely be wearing them more often.


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