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I am overjoyed to finally announce the birth of my beautiful baby boy who was born at 9.10am on Thursday 22nd September. My journey has been a rollarcoaster ride, which I cant wait to share with you.

After going 5 days overdue, I was becoming very frustrated and more and more uncomfortable by the day, sitting…waiting…and becoming increasingly impatient to meet my little boy. I was booked in to have an induction by day 7, or at least I thought so. I rang the hospital just to check all was ok for me to go in and what the actual procedure entailed. To my disappointment, not only did they tell me there was a miscommunication and that their policy is 11 days plus for an induction, but they also informed me that they had no beds available should I go into labour any day soon.

I was mortified and super anxious that my hospital who had all my medical records couldn’t accommodate me. I called my midwife teary-eyed and upset, and laid it on thick that I hadn’t felt baby move as much over the passed few days. On that note she rang the nearest hospital to us, Stepping Hill and booked me straight in for a sweep and to get things moving.


Finally, I knew I was going to meet my baby any day! I leisurely drove to the hospital with all my bags packed just in case they needed to keep me in over night, did my hair and make up and walked in to Triage where I was monitored and assessed for 6 hours. Towards the end after being poked, prodded and hooked up to a machine for 4 hours, with no wifi, they sent me home to see how I got on in the night, and was booked in at 8am the next day for another assessment.

That evening I was well and truly fed up, sore and ready for an early night. My head was all over the place and I just wanted to get as much rest as possible. That night at 11.30pm I woke Paul up after having contractions 10 minutes apart. My mum who lives in Leeds drove all the way on the M62 to our house to take care of Rocco who was still fast asleep in bed, give him his breakfast and take him to nursery the next day. It was important to still keep him in his routine to give me piece of mind. By the time my mum arrived at 1am in the morning, my contractions were every 3-4 minutes and we headed straight to the hospital.

When we arrived the birthing suite was dimly lit, calm and serene…very relaxing with no stress or drama. I was 5cm dilated and with the contractions coming thick and fast, I requested an epidural. I was moved to delivery suite where I was closely monitored, given some gas and air to take the edge off and waited for the anesthetists. Two attempts later of trying to put the pain relief in my back, as the first attempt didnt work, I sat back, pain free, reading my magazines and dozing in and out of a lovely power nap.

A few hours later the midwife came to check on me and I had only dilated 1cm in 4 hours, the epidural had really slowed me down, so she broke my waters to help move things along, and when she went to check on me another 3 hours later I was up to 8cms. Whatever internal examination she did, the baby really didn’t like it and his heartrate dropped dramatically to a very dangerous level. She hit a button on the wall and 6 doctors came flying in. Within 60 seconds they informed me I would have to have an emergency cesarean and that they needed to operate straight away. Paul who was still fast asleep, woke up to absolute carnage and had to run down with the doctors with me on a bed into the operating theatre and prepare to scrub up. Anyone who knows Paul know he is petrified of blood, so god knows what must have been going through his head.

I on the other hand had to sign a document on the way down to theatre to give them permission to operate, and started to cry. I really didn’t want to be cut open, and I know I am useless at recovery so a cesarean was the last thing I needed, but all was thinking about was getting my baby out safely. It was all so quick, and within minutes I was in theatre. As the doctors were scrubbing up one of the nurses shouted that baby’s head had crowned and she wanted me to push! I must have dilated from 8cm to 10cm on the way to theatre, probably my body thinking ‘get this baby out!!’

Within 4 big pushes baby Romeo was born and laid on my chest. The doctors didn’t even have time to grab any forceps to help him out, apparently he just flew out! I have two small tears to show for it and that’s it. Romeo came out perfect…and with loads of hair!


I’m not one for cuddling my babies all bloody and gutsy, so I asked them to clean him and give him straight to Paul. Romeo’s eyes were wide open and his Daddy was the first person he saw which made my heart melt. They went up to the maternity ward while I was cleaned and stitched up. Me and all the doctors stood there in shock but total praise for me getting my baby out so quick and safe.


After 24 hours of monitoring and an overnight stay, we were discharged the next day with baby Romeo, my perfect little baby boy were finally ready to go home.

I am currently breastfeeding, and will discuss in my next blog posts how I’ve been finding it, including the feeding night shifts and how to deal with sleep deprivation.


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