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Yummy Mummy Tummy Tea

I came across Flat Tummy Tea through social media after an army of celebrity fans were raving about it, so I thought I would give it a go. I have just got into the swing of my ‘Mummy Makeover Takeover’ where I am trying and testing lots of products on the market to get my body back to my pre-pregnancy weight through healthy eating and exercise. Its advised not to start training until after six weeks of giving birth and I was already getting cabin fever, so on week six day two I was back in the gym doing a light workout and started drinking my Flat Tummy Tea to help get rid of my bloatedness. Luckily I am only four pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, but my aim is to tone up, feel strong and energetic, especially running around after my two boys!


When my packets of tea arrived, I was surprised to see that they weren’t individually packed into teabags, so I had to run out to buy a tea strainer to make the herbal tea. There are two teas that you drink once a day, the Activate Tea which is consumed on a morning and the Cleanse tea which is taken on a night. They both list different ingredients; some to awaken the body and get your metabolism kickstarted, such as lemon balm, green tea, cardamon, fennel and liquorice, and a calming soothing ingredients such as senna, peppermint, dandelion and rhubarb.


I am currently still breastfeeding so this has to be accounted into my daily caffeine consumption along with my regular tea and coffee. I have replaced my morning coffee with the Activate Tea and my bedtime peppermint tea with the Cleanse tea. If you’re used to drinking herbal teas then this is no different, if not, add half a teaspoon of honey to take away the tannic taste.

After 3 days of drinking the tea, I noticed that I most certainly had more energy than usual, especially because I am still up every 2-3 hours in the night feeding Romeo! One thing that surprising is the amount of wind you pass, it definitely makes you regular, naturally flushing toxins from your body and cleansing your system. My bloated mummy tummy is getting blitz by adding this in my healthy eating plan and regular exercise. Flat Tummy Tea is now a part of my diet, and most definitely worth all the tea straining!


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